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Recently Read: April

Now that I'm finished school, I have more time to read, which is so nice. Although, with my internship, there are still a lot of long hours and times when I just crash when I get home. But I generally give myself at least an hour to read every night, plus my commuting time (although you always get that one asshole who decides to sit right beside you and talk for the phone for 40 minutes).

I really want to start a Recently Read segment here on my blog. I always start by reading super easy, chic-lit style books when I first get back into reading. My brain is so overly worked after a semester at school, and I just want something to distract me and can read in a few sittings.

The books I first read when I finished school were by Hester Browne. I first discovered her after I found Honeymoon Hotel in clearance at Chapters for $2! I absolutely loved this book, and quickly went onto Chapters and Bookoutlet (my favourite place to buy books, since they are so cheap!) to grab as many of her novels as I could. Unfortunately, a lot of her books are out of print in Canada now, so I wasn't able to find all the ones I wanted. I even ended up buying an e-book version (which I really hate reading) because I bought the second books in the series without realizing I couldn't find the first anywhere.

Honeymoon Hotel was a super cute story, and I really related to the main character. She's an event planner at an upscale hotel in London that has a glamorous history (think A-list celebs in the 1920-50's). She struggles to come to terms with her work-life balance, her failing relationship, and working with some unique co-workers, all while trying to find her place. 

I think it was a sweet, albeit predictable story. If you like Sophie Kinsella's stories, I really think you will enjoy this book. 

Rating: 4/5 

The Little Agency Agency was about an overlooked, organizational freak (Melissa) who was made redundant at office after office. She eventually found a job at an escort agency, something she didn't realize at the time. She went on to start her own job, where she helped men who needed fake girlfriends, socializing, relationship advice, and anything else they weren't capable of doing for themselves. She developed an alter-ego named Honey, someone she could transform into when she put on the blonde wig. The book followed her life, her best friends (Gabby and Nelson), and her struggling clients (Jonathan, primarily). 

I found this book just ok. It was her first book, and you could really tell from her writing style that there was a lot of room for improvement. I swear, if she wrote "made my heart melt" one more time, I was going to throw the book out of the window. It was very predictable, and the main character was very frustrating and naive. She was hard to relate to, and I kind of wanted to smack her. 

Rating: 3/5

The Little Agency in the Big Apple was the follow up to the aforementioned book. It followed Melissa and Jonathan (spoiler, although I wouldn't recommend the first anyway) in their journey to New York. Jonathan essentially wanted Melissa to give up to job, be an event planner for his rich NYC friends, and stop doing what she did best--rescuing people. 

I wanted to murder Jonathan, had be been a real person. He was so demanding and controlling, and Melissa always justified his actions. I could never imagine myself allowing a guy to walk all over me the way Jonathan did, or give up something I loved just to make a guy happy. 

Rating: 1.5/5

I've read a few other books that I've much preferred, so that will be in my May book wrap up. What have you been reading lately? 

xoxo K