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GenBeauty Toronto: Thoughts

It was Generation Beauty in Toronto last weekend, and by the looks of everyone else who went, I'm very slow at getting this post up. I was lucky enough to get free tickets as a content creator, and I was lucky enough to get a ton of loot out of the deal. Keep scrolling to see what I got in the swag bag, and my thoughts on the event. 

My thoughts on GenBeauty: 
It was freaking busy.  Like insanely busy. I honestly wasn't expecting that many people.  There were thousands of beauty lovers, waiting patiently in line for the party to start.  I was way back in the third line by the time I got there, 30 minutes before the doors were set to open. 

The entire experience was a bit . . . frustrating.  You were given piece of paper, that had perforated "cards" around the edges, that could be redeemed for freebies at each booth.  In theory, this was great! In practice, not so much.  The lines for each booth were huge. Brands like Too Faced, Tarte, Make Up Forever actually closed their lines multiple times throughout the day because the crowds were too intense.  Which was a bit annoying, because I didn't get to hit some of the booths I wanted because of that. 

When the lines weren't closed, there were often 45minute to 1.5 hour long waits.  Some of the smaller brands, like Cake, Pur, Crown Brushes were much quick to get through though. 

The Presents 
If you had purchased the tickets to the event, they would have ranged between 64-200$ (depending if you got the early bird rates or not).  For that price, I was expecting a lot.

Some booths, like MUFE, Tarte, Physicians Formula, and Smashbox were giving away full sized products, which is freaking amazing.  I know a lot of people who didn't mind the lines given the fact they were receiving a free 38$ mascara.

For others, like Pur-lisse, Benefit, Cake, OGX, there were deluxe sample sizes.  They were about the size as the promotional items on the Sephora website.  And one booth didn't give away anything.

The Cocktail Party: 
This was my favourite part of the day.  There were free drinks, music, a fun photo booth that I have some pictures from with other Canadian Beauty Bloggers.  

And then there was the gift bag.  Most of the items pictured above were from that amazing swag bag.   Which is a bit sad, because those of us who didn't have to pay for the tickets got the best swag.  Doesn't really seem fair does it?  And because of that, I have an amazing GIVEAWAY coming up very shortly.  Stay tuned! 

I can't even remember how many hundreds of dollars Jayne said the bag added up to, but it was crazy.  It was all full sized products, from some amazing brands.  I'm trying the items out, slowly but surely, so I'll be getting more reviews and content up on the blog soon! 

Overall, I think it was a fun experience.  I got to meet some amazing bloggers from different cities, connect with some of my favourite brands, and spend time with people who love the same thing.  I'm still recuperating from the ridiculously long weekend, but I have a lot of makeup to help me through it. 

Did you go? What were your thoughts? 

xoxo K