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Skincare Review: G.M. Collin

Before I start getting into what I got for Christmas (and as an excuse to play around with it a bit more), I thought I'd share some new skincare items I've been using.  Admittedly, I had never heard of the brand before they contacted me, but I'm very thankful they did.  I was just running out of a few of my everyday bits when they sent over some items.  I'm not going to talk about everything they sent, simply because not every item worked for me.

G.M. Collin is produced by a Montreal based company, and seeks to offer clinical-grade treatments and the "highest quality demo-corrective home care".  Essentially, they offer spa-type ingredients and products for at home use, using natural plant and marine extracts.  They offer a range of products to suit every skin type.  Even in our correspondence, they were so thorough in questioning my skin type, making sure the items suited me perfectly.  (And more importantly, they don't test on animals!).  

The two cleansers are probably my favourite items from the range.  Suited for normal to oily skin, they are light weight and clean my skin without leaving any residue or heavy feeling.  I use the mild cleanser morning and evening, and find that it actually does help keep my oils at bay (well, more than other products, but nothing will keep this oil slick matte all day).  

The deep cleanser is great for those times when your skin feels a bit congested.  I like to pump some into my hands, vigorously rub them together until there is a nice foaming action, then then lather it on, just after I've used the mild cleanser.  

I really like the feel of the treating mist, although I don't know if it's entirely necessary.  It's one of those products you spray on after you cleanse and it will (ideally) make the rest of your skincare more productive.  I'm not sure it actually does that, but it feels very soothing and moisturizing. 

Lastly is the Essential Oils Complex.  I use this in the evenings, after I've cleansed and treated my skin, by pouring a bit onto a cotton pad, and rubbing it over my t-zone.  It's suited for oily to acne-prone skin.  I have noticed improvements in my overall complexion over the last few weeks in terms of breakouts, but I'm not going to attributed it solely to the use of this product.  My stress levels are a lot lower as school is over.  But I also think this product is helping to keep future pimples at bay.

Overall, I'm pleasantly surprised with the products, since I had not heard of them before.  I think if you're looking for some really comfortable, soothing products to try this year, or if you're trying to find a new routine customized to your complexion's unique needs, the wide range of products G.M. Collin offers is a great place to start. 

Until next time,

Happy skincaring, 

xoxo K