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"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening."

I have Chanel taste on a Rimmel budget.  I love high end makeup.  Everything about the packaging to the product seems infinitely better (well, for the most part).  I've wanted something from the Chanel makeup line for quite a while now, but it is definitely not in my budget.  So I saved up my Shoppers Optimum points for well over a year, and redeemed them before Christmas for some amazing goodies.

I mean, look at it.  Just look.  It's gorgeous.  It's classy.  It's elegant.  It's. . .Chanel (honestly, I should pitch that to them as their new slogan).  I spend far too long starting at these items on Christmas day, refusing to swatch them (I did, obviously, but it pained me a bit).

As for the quality, the Les 4 Ombres in "202 Tissé Camélia" was what I expected.  I've heard review about Chanel eyeshadows not being the most pigmented, and I will agree with that.  But to me, that's not a bad thing.  I'm super fair skinned, and very pigmented eyeshadows can quickly become overpowering.  This palette is buildable, but leaves a gorgeous wash of colour on the lids.  The pinks and greys are just up my alley, and I've found myself reaching for this palette everyday.  I mean, I have a ton of eyeshadows, but there is something about the simplicity of this one that I'm obsessed with.  No thinking. No blending. Just do it (can I pitch that too?). 

The Rouge Coco lipstick in "424 Edith", on the other hand, surpassed my expectations.  It's super creamy and pigmented, but lasts a surprisingly long time.  For me, this is the perfect everyday colour as well.  It's a rosy pink colour that is most definitely a your-lips-but-better colour.  It has a slight scent (that I can't seem to place), but it's nothing over powering.  And who doesn't want to look super glamorous touching up their Chanel lipstick throughout the day?  

Overall, these two products get a big thumbs up from me.  And I can't wait to (maybe, hopefully) try something else from the brand for my birthday. 

Until next time,

Happy makeuping, 

xoxo K

quote by: Coco Chanel (obviously)