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"Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. For love is beauty of the soul"

A few weeks ago, I received a box in the mail with a discount code for the online beauty store Scarlett & Julia.  After perusing their website for a bit, I decided on the Stila Eyes are the Window to the Soul palette.

I've had the Mind palette for about a year now, and while I don't reach for it as often as I should (mostly because it doesn't fit in my vanity, and is currently hiding behind my mirror), I really do love the quality.  I was drawn to the Soul palette because of the very fall-like colours.  I've been beauty guru's like HeyClaire rave about it, and I figured that it would be a good buy.

It has some great shimmery shades that my Mind palette lacks.  It contains the iconic Stila Shade "kitten", which is an amazing highlighter.

I will admit, I was disappointed with the pigmentation in some of the colours, especially the redish brown colours on the right side of the palette.  Generally, I don't like overly pigmented shadows.  As I'm so pale, I find very pigmented dark colours can be overwhelming.  But I was expecting a bit more out of the colours affection, character, and peace.  You can definitely built it up, and using your finger or a flat shadow brush works well at packing it on.  It's just a bit more difficult that I would have liked.

Overall, I feel like the range of colours, and the mix of cool and warm toned colours is right up my alley.  I love how, for the most part, they are very buttery and easy to blend.  I think if you're looking for a great autumn/winter palette, this would be a great one to recommend!

Until next time,

Happy makeuping,

xoxo K

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