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Holiday Gift Guide 1: High End Beauty

So I know I'm a little late at getting the holiday gift guides up.  But you know that feeling, after you've had a really stressful few weeks?  When the thought of turning on your computer makes your cringe?  Yup, I had that.  But I'm back at it, and I thought I'd put together a few gift guides, for the different kinds of people you may be buying for.

Todays guide is for the luxurious beauty-girl.  You may have noticed an influx of makeup pictures on my IG lately.  It's a growing addiction, and it takes a lot to walk out of Sephora empty handed lately.  Maybe it's because I'm not a fan of the whole normcore look this year, so I've switched to makeup?  Who knows.  These are some of my favourite tried-and-true items, and a few that I hope to see under the tree this year.  I'll be doing a drugstore post next week, so stay tuned for that as well!

The Balm Frat Boy Blush: I've wanted to try this blush for the longest time.  But it's insanely expensive here in Canada (it's 21$ in the USA, and 36$ here; yes, I realize the Hourglass one I included is more expensive, but it just ticks me off how much the price was inflated here).  But the colour, and the texture, and the packaging?  It's perfect.  And such a nice neutral, it would pair well with any funky makeup look you may be opting for.  

Nars Satin Lip Pencil: I have the colours Luxemborg and Mandore. They last all day, and apply so smoothly (I messily apply them, and rub it in with my finger, topping it off with a bit of lip balm).  And the Digital World set is another great option, for the lip lover on your list, consisting of a mix of the mattes and satins.   

Shu Uemura Eye Lash Curlers: Everyone talks about them.  They were mentioned in Devil Wears Prada (so obviously it gets the green light in my book).  Need I say more? 

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush: I don't technically own this yet, but I literally just stare at it every time I'm in Sephora lately.  It's sooo smooth, and there is the nicest hint of shimmer, without being over powering.  And the colour range means you can ideally find a blush for anyone on your list.  While it's definitely not a cheap option, I've only heard rave reviews.  Here's hoping for this beaut, Santa! 

Too Faced Brush Set: I can't say enough about these brushes.  My mom bought me this set (well, technically the older, less colourful version of it) when I was still in high school.  And 6 years later, they still look brand new (not an embellishment--the writing hasn't even worn off yet!).  The Teddy Bear brushes are incredibly soft, wash up amazingly, and are perfect at applying just the right amount of colour.  This pack is perfect for the beginner, or avid makeup guru.  

Becca Ombre Nude Eyes Palette: So I'm going to say it: I think this beats the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette (gasp).  I know, it's so iconic, and is an amazing palette (I've already hit pan on a few colours), but there is something about the smoothness and pigmentation on this palette that one-ups the UB.  Because it was designed to be "ombre", the colours blend together so seamlessly, barely any blending is required.  I'm looking forward to trying out some other products from the brand soon!

Blinc Mascaras: I got a deluxe sample of this mascara back in the summer, and thought it was an odd concept: it "tubes" your lashes.  But this mascara is honestly fantastic.  It doesn't clump, stays put all day, and makes your lashes sooo long and dense.  The only weird thing is taking it off at night.  If you wet your lashes a bit, you can almost pull the mascara off like falsies.  Very weird, but very cool.

Stila Mind Palette: I grabbed this palette with my VIB Rouge coupon code a few days ago, but I've had an older Stila palette for about 4 years and absolutely love it.  The colours are really pigmented, and blend phenomenally.  I love the Mind palette because it's predominately all matte (a few on the top right look like they have a tiny bit of shimmer).  It makes this palette perfect for the day time, and with the range of colours, it can easily transition from season to season.  

Benefit 3 Scoops O'Sexy: I love Benefit products, and did a post on a few of the items in this set a few weeks ago.  Amazing quality, and for such a steal! 

What beauty items are you hoping to find under the tree this Christmas? 

Until next time,

Happy Christmas shopping! 

xoxo K