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"The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural"

I was never much into makeup before.  I wore a lot of it, out of what I considered to be necessity.  I’ve never had the nicest skin, and when I first started wearing makeup when I was about 16, I went full out.  I’m talking HD foundation, dark shimmery eye shadow, and a whole lot of bronzer as blush, but without any lip or brows.  And that was my everyday makeup.  How attractive, I know.  More recently, I’ve come to terms with the fact that more isn’t better, and that although it’s not perfect, my skin could be much worse.  I’ve been opting for a sheer-medium coverage, with a very neutral matte eye, and a bit of lip and cheek stain as my everyday go-to look.  But I still dabble in the glitter-realm every now and then.

When I started looking into more beauty bloggers to read, I came across Macarons and Peonies, and instantly fell in love with her feminine style, and very detailed and in-depth posts.  Bonus?  She’s a fellow Torontonian.  I thought it would fun to do a collaborative post with her, featuring our top five products for fall.  I love experimenting with different colours and brands now, and have been embracing the whole autumnal trend as of late. 

So, without further adieu. . .

1.  Urban Decay Naked Basis palette.  This palette is everything an eyeshadow palette should be.  The shadows are incredibly pigmented, but are still subtle enough for everyday.  I’ve been wearing the W.O.S all over my lid, with a bit of the Naked 2 through the crease as my daytime look, and the Naked 2 on the lid with the Faint through the crease for evenings.  The palette is completely matte, with the exception of Venus, which is shimmery, but not too bright, and is perfect for under the brow, and the inner corner of the eye.  I’m hoping to get my hands on the Naked Basis 2 soon, but I feel like the warmer tones in this palette will better suit my skin tone. 

2. Makeup Forever HDBlush in 225.  I use to wear a ton of powdered blush, and really pack it on.  But I got a sample of the cream blush in 405 in a deluxe sample kit from Sephora, and fell in love.  I have very oily skin, so I try and opt for a more matte foundation, but I still like a bit of dewiness to the skin.  So a cream blush is the perfect compromise.  They can be applied with your fingers (like I do), or with a stippling brush.  I personally think that 225 is the perfect natural peachy colour, and works amazingly with any skin tone, with a dark lip, or whatever else you have going on.  My only complaint is that the brand is not cruelty free, and that’s something that I really look for. 

3.  The Body Shop Bronzing Powder in lightmatte.  I’m at that awkward post-summer stage when my face and neck are back to their usual paleness, but my arms and chest are still a bit sun-kissed.  I find that when I go any darker with my foundation, the colours get too yellow, and oxidixe to a very unflattering shade of orange by the afternoon.  I’ve been opting for this product most days as an all over wash of colour, to try and even out my complexion.  My only complaint is that it doesn’t have the longest staying power, but I find the colour isn’t orange-y at all, and it has absolutely no shimmer, making it perfect to add to your base. 

4. Anastasia Brow Wizin Taupe.  I’ve been quite anal about my brows lately.  I had never had them waxed before this year, opting instead to tend to them myself.  Clearly, not the smartest move.  But I found an expert who has been helping me grow my poor little brows out, and they are finally getting to be thick and tamed and perfect.  And very on trend.  I’ve only heard wonderful things about the brow wiz, but was tentative to give it a go (mostly because of the price, and the fact that most hyped up products generally are not worth it).  But this. Is. Freaking. Amazing.  It’s cool toned and matches the exact colour of my brows, making them look super natural.  The finish is creamy and a tad bit waxy, meaning it stays put all day, and holds my brows in shape.  And with 9 colours, you can’t go wrong. 

5.  Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Canvas.  So I’m cheating a bit here.  When it came time to pick a lip product, I couldn’t decide between these two.  The Hourglass product seems to be a real hit or miss with people, but I love it.  It’s more of a stain, and will last through lunches and coffee dates alike.  I like to swipe it across my lips, and then use my fingers to blend it in for a really natural finish.  It’s a great peachy-nude lip option, for those days when you’re not in the mood to deal with a darker lip (you know what I mean, having to constantly check to make sure it’s not smeared across your teeth). 

5 ½ Nars Audacious in Grace.  For my second option, I’ve chosen the new Nars lipstick.  Personally, I think it’s ridiculously priced for a lip product, but my mom (being the amazing person she is) bought it for me for acing a very stressful presentation.  And as you may or may not know, the names are after Hollywood’s iconic actresses.  Grace Kelly (and Audrey Hepburn, but I didn’t like her colour as much), are my all time favourites, so this was only fitting.  It is the most beautiful pinky-coral lipstick, but dark enough that it’s suitable for fall.  I find when I apply it out of the bullet, it looks too opaque for my liking, but I’ve figure out that using a small detail brush (like this Real Techniques one) is the perfect middle ground.  I can apply it as sheer, or as heavily as I want to.  The formula is super creamy and very long lasting.  For both of the products listed above, I use a bit of Vaseline over top of the product to give it a bit more creaminess, and help it last all day long. 

I hope you enjoyed this change of pace today.  What are your favourite beauty products right now? (And yes, I realize I forgot to include the Body Shop bronzer in my pictures. Good job, Katherine). 

Until next time,

Happy makeuping,

xoxo K

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