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“Ok. don't panic. Don't panic. It's only a VISA bill. It's a piece of paper; a few numbers. I mean, just how scary can a few numbers be?”

Confession: The Confessions of a Shopaholic series are some of my favourite books.

Confession: I may be the modern day Becky Bloomwood.

One of my favourite quotes from the books: “Shopping is actually very similar to farming a field. You can't keep buying the same thing, you have to have a bit of variety. Otherwise you get bored and stop enjoying yourself.” 

And I agree! My wardrobe is a bit haphazard, filled with a mixture of preppy pieces (see new white embellished blouse below), fancy-sphmancy-office-appropriate-event-though-I-don't-work-in-an-office pieces, statement pieces, and casual pieces.  It's an eclectic mix, but I like it.

That being said, I have a tendency to buy things and then not know what to wear with them.  Meaning they hang in my closet with the tags on forever.

So I need your advice: here are some of my most recent purchases, and I'd love to hear your advice on different ways to style each item! Whether you think certain pieces would pair will with others shown, or advice on different items that would work.  I'm all ears.  I'll be posting a lot of these new looks on Instagram in the coming weeks, so make sure you follow me at: scallopedandbows.

Everything purchased above (with the exception of the J.Crew Jewelled Sweater, which I was just dying to have) was 60-85% off! They cost between $15 to $23 dollars each; the Aritzia blouse was $50 (top middle), and the J.Crew sweater was still an astounding $120 (I didn't think about the US to CND conversion rate when I purchased it online). 

And I especially need help with this blue skirt.  It was in clearance at Club Monaco for $17 dollars the other day, so I grabbed it, but I'm not really a pencil skirt type person.  Any advice on how to dress this down for everyday use? 

Until next time,

Happy shopping,

xoxo K