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New Year: New blog posts

I tried being gluten-free for about 4 days.  And the result?  I didn't feel any different.  Most people have said they felt significantly better after the first few days.  I just feel hungry.  So I think I'll stick to the old-fashioned try-and-eat-healthier (cookies are healthy, right?) diet this year.

But enough about food.

As a second non-resolution this year, I've decided to keep a diary-esque journal for this blog.  When I get an inspiration for a post, I'll keep note of it.  I really want to try and post on a regular basis this year, and have a bit more consistency with my posts.  I've been debating on posting more of my own pictures, but I like the convenience of taking ones from online sites already (J.Crew, Club Monaco, etc.).  That being said, I'd love to hear from you!  As I'm still new to blogging, any suggestions are more than welcome!  This includes ideas for posts, photo-editings sites (I use picmoney, but I find it kind of limiting), and what ever you can think of!

Here's hoping for a fun and prosperious year!

Until next time,

Happy Shopping,

xoxo K