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"I always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect - they are much more interesting."

I love buying high-end eyeshadows.  I've yet to find comparable formulas or colours at the drugstore, and having the very oily lids that I do, I need something pigmented that will last a long time.  But unfortunately, a higher price tag, and a brand name on the lid doesn't necessarily equate to better quality products.  

My parents recently bought me the new Marc Jacobs "The Lover 220" palette, for getting straight A's this semester (the struggle was real).  I dove right into this palette, swatching and applying these shadows.  But after playing around with the palette for a few days, I felt really let down.  It retails for $71 CND, and contains 7 shadows, with a mixture of matte, satin, and shimmery finishes.  The shadows weren't chalky at all, but they also weren't the most buttery in texture.  The colour payoff also wasn't amazing.  I felt like, once applied, all the colours kind of blended together and looked very similar on the lid, with little differentiation in colour or texture.  

Maybe I was expecting more because of the price, or because I've heard many people rave about the Lolita palette.  But then again, this one was limited edition, and if MAC is any indication, sometimes brands let their limited collection items slip a bit in quality.  The packaging is absolutely amazing though, in this sleek bullet like casing, and a protective sleeve for travelling.  

Overall, I still want to try more from the Marc Jacobs brand since it generally gets great reviews.  But for now, I think I'll be returning this palette.  Have you tried anything from Marc Jacobs Beauty? What do you recommend? 

Until next time,

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xoxo K

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