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"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

Fall is my absolute favourite time of the year.  It brings with it the cool, crisp air that is utterly refreshing after the sweltering heat of summer.  It brings new colours when the leaves start to change, and fresh scents of pumpkin spiced drinks and hot apple pies.  It brings the anticipation of the upcoming holiday season, from Halloween, to Thanksgiving, to Christmas, and all the joyous occasions in-between.  But most importantly, it brings the need for a new wardrobe, filled with dark hues, including everything from fig to persian plum, from sky grey to smog, and deep forest to pack green, and everything in-between.  Lauren, from Lauren Rose Prep, and I thought it would be fun to compile a list of our favourite fall essentials.  I love comparing what we deem to be essentials.  Lauren is from California, whereas I’m in Toronto, so the drastic differences in our climates lead to some pretty interesting picks.

Booties: Kate Spade (also loving these ones) // Scarf: Aritzia // Trench Coat: Trout Rainwear // Denim Jacket: option here // Cords: Anthropologie (also loving these ones) // Cable knit sweater: J. Crew // White Blouse: Gap // Cashmere Sweater: J. Crew // Leopard Print Shoes: J. Crew

Cashmere Sweater: I absolutely love cashmere.  It’s probably the most versatile fabric in my wardrobe, and you can easily pair it with jeans and sneakers for a day of running around, or throw it on over your favorite skirt for a more dressy appearance.  While most of the pieces at J. Crew are relatively expensive, they can go on sale for a great price, and they last so long.  Pro tip: hand wash your cashmere and dry it off by putting it in a clean salad spinner, then lay it flat to dry.  The chemicals from the cleaners can be really harsh on the delicate fabric.

Cable knit sweater: I feel like I have a collection of cable knit sweaters that is growing at an exorbitant rate.  Cable knits scream fall to me, and come in every colour under the sun.  Since I love colourful cords in the fall, I often opt for more neutral toned sweaters to pair with it.  While many people feel like cable knits add unnecessary bulk, you can find them in so many styles and fabrics now that you are sure to find one that flatters your shape.
Cords: My number one pick for fall.  My cord to jean ratio is about 5:1.  I have them in almost every colour, and yet I still can’t get enough.  They are so freaking comfortable (especially the AG Stevie cords, as featured below), but the Gap legging cords and always skinny cords are always great investments. 

Tights: During my “I want to be Blair Waldorf” days, I obtained a fairly substantial tights collection.  I’m talking about 32 pairs of tights.  I’ve heard so many people over the years criticize tights.  I’m here to prove you wrong this fall.  While you many want to start with an opaque tight in a darker colour, I employ you to break out of your comfort zone this year and try something new.  My favorite pair, which you will inevitably be seeing a lot of in the coming months, are my floral tights from Anthropologie.  Pro tip: always make sure your nails are filed before you put a pair on in the mornings.  There is no worse feeling that getting a catch in your brand new tights.

Boots: Whether it’s ankle high booties, or thigh high boots, they are essential for the impending cooler weather.  I’m loving the Kate Spade bow booties, as featured below.  They add an unexpected twist to otherwise boring boots.  And Hunters? Every girl needs a pair of Hunters.  While I find they can be a bit too warm in the fall, they are perfect with the sock inserts for when the temps really drop, and there is slush all over the ground. 

Trench coat:  As someone who loves a good skirt or dress in the fall, I often find myself worrying about whether the wind with catch the bottom, and I’ll be pulling a Marilyn Monroe, flashing everyone behind me.  I love a longer trench (especially one that buttons down) to ensure there are no awkward situations.  Pro tip: make sure the trench is water resistant (or water proof) to get optimal wear out of it.  While the Trout Rainwear one featured below is a bit on the pricey side, it’s ideal for those drizzly fall afternoons. 

Oxfords: Being the preppy dresser I am, I have a closet filled with oxford shirts.  But a white button down can go a long way.  The Gap fitted boyfriends are great for those days you don’t feel like dressing up, but still want to look presentable.  Worn with a blanket scarf and jeans, or a statement necklace and skirt, or tucked under your favourite sweater, this is definitely your most versatile piece for fall. 

Scarves: Whether it’s a big old blanket scarf, a cozy cashmere infinity, or a chic silk one, scarves are every bit as practical as they are stylish.  While they come in so many different fabrics, I’m a huge fan of acrylic scarves.  They are the softest material, machine washable (I somehow always end up dribbling hot chocolate on myself), and very stylish.

What are your favourite picks for fall? Are you as excited about the cooler weather as I am? And thanks again to Lauren for posting with me.  It’s always a pleasure working with you!

Until next time,
Happy falling,
xoxo K

quote by:  Albert Camus