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“What wine goes with Captain Crunch?”

Rule 1: When you're going to a winery, take the blog photos before you drink.

Rule 2: Always check hair and makeup before taking the photos.  

Rule 3: Take off the wrinkly grand-ma sweater that is only meant to be worn in the car before taking the photos. 

I went down to Niagara-On-The-Lake at the end of last week.  As much as I love it there, the traffic trying to get there and back is brutal.  An extra hour each way?  Definitely not ok, Toronto traffic.  As you can clearly tell by the very blurry pictures, my mom and I toured a winery pre photo-opt.  I'm not a fan of wine (I prefer really girly drinks that you can't actually taste the alcohol in), but I went along with her for the ride.  My apologies for the less than stellar pictures, but I had fun nonetheless! 

(a triple twist pony that clearly went astray; it started much nicer, I swear!) 

Dress: No label, from Winners // Belt: Kate Spade, fall colours here // Cardigan: J. Crew Factory // Purse: old Kate Spade, not even remotely similar but loving this one here // Sunglasses: Anthropologie clearance bin for 5$, similar here and here


Until next time,

Happy wineing,

xoxo K

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