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"Sometimes we know the best thing to do, but fail to do it"

No-Buy July update:

Apparently, I am exceedingly weak.  I have a tendency to turn to shopping as a means of compensation or condolence.  I reward myself for a good mark (honestly, that class was torture, but I still managed to get an A-) by buying a new dress, or I comfort myself (other summer school class? Not so good) with a pair of shoes.  I feel overwhelmed, so I take a trip to the mall and splurge on the jeans that are 60% off, but still overpriced.  Essentially, shopping is my alcohol;  I'm addicted and I can't seem to quit it.

I've purchased quite a few things this July, but have succeeded in returning everything (except one dress).  I bought a pair of shoes from Zara, and after careful deliberation (and stumbling around the house for a few hours), I decided I wouldn't get my moneys worth.

So I returned them.

Then bought a trench coat because it was around the same price.  But again, I convinced myself that 2 trenches were enough (even though this was 75% off), and took it back to the Gap.

And I took back the button down my mom bought me (does it still count as a purchase if I technically don't pay for it?).  So right now, I'm sitting here with the Loft dress I bought today, hanging on my wall, accusing me of being a failure.  Don't get me wrong, I really want to keep the dress.  It's the perfect shade of purple, and it's such a figure flattering cut.  But do I really need it?  That's what I have to keep asking myself.  Do I need this? Is it worth breaking my promise for?

10 days in, 21 more to go.  Wish me luck.

Until next time,

Happy (refraining from) shopping

xoxo K

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