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"A great city is not to be confounded with a populous one"

I broke my promise to myself that I would blog every weekday this summer.  I missed a post yesterday and am posting late today.  In my defence, I over did it in the sun, and have been very dehydrated, and feeling really out of it.  It hasn't been excessively hot lately, so I wasn't really thinking about avoiding the sun or drinking enough.  #Opps

Earlier this summer, one of my best friends and I decided that although we grew up in Toronto, we don't really know our city.  Our "downtown" experiences consisted of Yorkville and the Eatons Center.  No surprise that these are the two prominent shopping areas.  We made a vow that every few weeks we would hop on the subway and explore a new area.  We explored the Ossington and Queen area (solely because we found a place that sold ice cream sandwiches).  

And sorry in advance for the grainy pictures.  It was raining, and I had enough to carry without lugging my camera down.  I'll try to be better about remembering to bring it, instead of relying on my iPhone.

Fresh Strawberry Ice Cream on a double cocoa cookie.  I know, a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

We literally sat outside the store waiting for it to open.  But what kind of bakery doesn't open until 4pm?  How odd. 

Found the most gorgeous vintage shop with the prettiest dress I've ever seen.  Too bad the dress was still a few hundred dollars.  

While walking back towards a subway, we passed Nadege bakery, and grabbed some amazing macaroons.  And contrary to reviews, the staff were very sweet and bubbly.  If you're in the Trinity-Spadina area, I'd highly recommend going! 

Until next time,

Enjoy the weekend!

xoxo K

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