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"Earth laughs in flowers"

I promise, as of next Thursday onwards, I will be posting regularly (a.k.a. more than just the occasional post on Saturdays).  Until that point, please "oooohh" and "aahhhh" over the gorgeous flowers I've been painstakingly growing for the last few weeks (re: it's been optimal growing conditions here, and have had to do very little work).  Enjoy! 

Tuberous begonia's in the window boxes on the shed. 


Peace out, froggie. 

More gorgeous begonias. This time in a hanging basket. 

A row of peonies lining the backyard. 


Did I mention that I grow peonies? 

A miniature rose by any other name. . . 

Until next time,

Happy gardening,

xoxo K

quote by: Ralph Waldo Emerson