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"If the shoe fits . . . buy it in every colour"

As much as I love J.Crew, I've never been a fan of their pants.  If they fit in the leg, then they are gaping in the waist.  The pants at the Gap, on the other hand, fit perfectly.  I don't even need to wear a belt, which is strangely exciting.  While I've mentioned before that I am a die-hard fan of their cords, I've recently discovered the Ultra Skinny pant, and I'm in love.  I've purchased the same pant in 3 colours now, the black (size down because they have 5% spandex, as opposed to the 2% in the other colours), the navy, and the olive green.  I really have to be in love with something to buy multiples, but what can I say.  If the shoe fits . . . 

In honour of my new discovery, I thought I'd show you 4 ways to style the pants: 2 dressed up, and 2 casual.  Hope you enjoy and give them a try! 

Top left: stripped top // white blazer // statement necklace // blue wedges

Top right: pink cashmere sweater // necklace // scalloped flats (have these, obviously, and love them) // betsy johnson trench (It seems like I buy a Betsy Johnson trench every spring)

Bottom left: club monaco top // sandstone wedges

Bottom right: H&M top // Wilfred scarf // printed flats // denim jacket

Until next time,

Happy shopping,

xoxo K