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"Most bad behavior comes from insecurity"


So I went and had my hair touched up over the weekend, or at least tried to.  It's essentially dish-water dark brown again.  I told my hairdresser that I wanted to go a bit closer to my natural colour, so I wouldn't have to worry about regrowth; and hour later and it was as dark as it was when I dyed it back in the summer (which, as you may or may not know, I absolutely hated).

I've been in a really pissed of mood since Saturday because of this, and because the lady doing my eyebrows used too hot of wax and burned my skin.  And I've been told I've been miserable lately.  But do you ever find it hard to get over something?  No matter how many times people tell me the colour is fine, I can't help but think "this isn't what I asked for".  Not to mention the fact that every time I walk by a mirror, I don't recognize my reflection.

(It's 16 year old me! Blonder, tanner, and toner) 

Maybe I'm so anal about my hair because it's always been one of my best features.  I had long natural blonde hair growing up, and was always complimented on it.  And my hair has always distracted from my sub-par skin (which, even after 8 months of seeing a dermatologist, has yet to see any improvement).  Maybe it's because my grades are no where near where I would like them to be, and while my academic life is flailing, I should at least be in control of how I look.

Or maybe I'm just a worry wort.  Something I'm always trying to work on is letting the little things slide (and clearly failing at this resolution).  What do you think?  Am I over reacting about my hair, or is your hair really important to you as well?

Until next time

Happy shopping,

xoxo K

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