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Eco2: Save the arctic

If someone were to ask you, "What's the biggest problem effecting the environment?", most likely you would respond, "Climate Change".  Which isn't necessarily wrong, it's just not the entire picture.  Large  fossil fuel driven companies are the primary drivers behind this change, and unfortunately they hold a significant stake in society, and in the government.  But that does not mean you cannot, or should not,  do anything.  Save the Arctic is a campaign advocating against "oil drilling, industrial fishing, and conflict", all problems which alone have devastating consequences, let alone combined.

So sign the petition linked below, and join the fight against Shell Oil, and other companies and their potential destruction of the iced caps.  Over 5 million people have already taken the pledge.  You can find out more about the problems by checking out

Don't be a by-stander.  Consider it your birthday present to me by signing up.

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Keep the polar bears happy,

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