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Eco2: Follow the Frog

We all want to do more to help save the planet, but we don't want to compromise the comfort of our daily lives because of it.  And as appealing as joining a band of natives, and initiating an epic WWIII battle with multi-national corporations over deforestation sounds, it's not realistic (well, maybe for Hollywood it would be).

A friend of mine sent me this hilarious video about one guy's attempt to not save the planet.

It's a cute reminder that while we don't have to save the world on our own, every little bit helps.

The Rainforest Alliance is a great way to know if you are shopping sustainably, without going to the hassle of researching each product.  They are specifically involved with "timber extraction, agricultural expansion, cattle ranching, and tourism".  Their primary objective is to ensure forests and farmlands are developed in the most sustainable way possible, and to apply strict standards to different levels of production before certifying the product.  And the best part is they make it really easy for the consumer to know if a product has been either "Rainforest Alliance Certified", or "Rainforest Alliance Verified", but putting the frog seal on the packaging.

So next time you are shopping, look for the Frog.  A list of frog products, and retailers in your area can be found here (noticeably absent from the food and beverage section is Starbucks, although my favourite coffee place Second Cup is included).

Until next time,

Happy sustainable shopping,

xoxo K