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"I like I like my money where I can see it - hanging in my closet"

If you are anything like I am, the thought of cleaning out your closet gives you major anxiety.  You know you should get rid of those items you never wear (to make room for the new items you'll rarely wear), but there's that little voice in the back of your mind saying, "don't get rid of it! You know you'll find at least one event to wear it to!" And while that may be true, there's probably a good reason why you haven't worn it in a while.

So I'm proposing a compromise.  A muti-step solution to decide once and for all if you should or shouldn't chuck your clothes.

Clothing Unhaul: Massive clean out's 

Step 1: Grab either a garbage bag (don't worry, it's not what you think!) or a storage container.

Step 2: Proceed with cleaning your closet in your usual routine (for example, create piles for things you want to keep, things that you don't like but are in decent condition to donate, and things that even the garbage dump will be embarrassed of).  The trick here is to add a pile for things you are unsure about.

(the keep pile, definitely)

Step 3: Put the unsure pile in the garbage bag or storage container, and hide it away (either under the bed, in the basement or attic, or anyplace you won't be temped to pull it out again).

Step 4: Leave the bag or container in the hiding spot for 6 months.  After that point, if there is nothing significant standing out in your mind that you still want, donate the lot to a consignment shop.

Step 5: Treat yourself for being a big girl and discarding the items that are holding you back.  I propose a manicure and macaroon date.

(don't treat yourself to another shopping date like I did.  But honestly, the cords were on'y $5! I couldn't resist).

Disclosure: There will be the occasional piece that you still want, and that's fine.  I've been getting dressed in the morning and have thought, "Where's that military style mini skirt from Banana Republic?" (to which my mom looked at me like I was crazy, since I hadn't worn it in 3 years).
But it's ok to grab it from storage and wear it.  It means it's still useful and flattering.  A problem arises if you start putting everything back (just step away from the storage bin! Hands in the air style!).

While not everything you keep may still be in trend (R.I.P. pile of peplum tops hanging in my closet), the ultimate question is this: can you image never wearing the item again? If you can, say au revoir!

Until next time,

Happy cleaning!

xoxo K

quote: Carrie Bradshaw