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I've noticed a trend lately, where a lot of bloggers are posting about themselves in a series of question and answer pre-set questions.  So I thought I would give it a go.  I copied these questions from Poised and Preppy, but you can find similar ones almost anywhere!
Blush or bronzer?  I use both in my daily routine; a powedered blush on my cheeks, and bronzer around my temples and nose for a bit of added shimmer.

Lip gloss or lipstick? Where’s the lip stain option? I love wearing a stain on my lips, with a clear chapstick (or whichever brand is on sale), overtop.  Your lips look really natural and hydrated that way.  But when I dress up, I love to wear lipstick.

Eye liner or mascara? Am I the only one who finds this question odd? I wear both everyday.  I have natural blonde hair, which means I have blonde eyelashes.  I need mascara, otherwise my lashes are non-existent. But I feel like my makeup is incomplete if I don’t put on a line of brown eyeliner over my shadow.

Foundation or concealer? Foundation! I have a lot of unevenness, so I need my HD full coverage foundation.  My trick? I put on a healthy layer of moisturizer underneath to make the foundation more sheer, but still maintain the great coverage. 

Neutral or color eye shadow? Neutral all the way.  I find that with having light blue eyes, if I try using coloured eye shadow, it looks like I’m playing dress up.

Pressed or loose eye shadows? Pressed, otherwise I end up with flecks of coloured shadow all over my outfit.

Brushes or sponges? Brushes.

OPI or china glaze? Formula X is my favourite, but to be honest, I’ll buy whatever is on sale.  

Long or short? I have really weak, brittle nails, and they actually hurt when they get long.  They break off before they can ever get long though (as much as I wish they would grow).

Acrylic or natural? Natural!

Brights or darks? Darks in the fall and winter, bright in the spring and summer.


Jeans or sweat pants? Jeans all the way, followed closely by cords. Sweatpants should only be worn in public on two occasions: if you are sick, or you have an exam.  Other than that, don’t be lazy.  A nice pair of jeans are just as comfortable, if not more so, than wearing baggy-always-falling-down sweatpants.

Long sleeve or short? It really depends on my mood and where I’m going.  Most of my classrooms are really hot, so I’ll generally layer a long sleeved sweater over a short sleeved blouse.  But my overall preference is a ¾ length sleeve: best of both worlds.

Dresses or skirts? Both! I love how you can more easily repurpose skirts, but dresses are so comfortable, especially in the summer, and can really accentuate the best parts of your body.  And of course, you have to pair them with colourful and/or patterned tights.

Stripes or plaid? I have a lot more plaid than I do stripes.

Flip flops or sandals? Sandals are so much more practical; flip flops should not even be considered proper foot attire, unless you are on the beach.

Scarves or hats? Scarves.  I went through a phase a few years ago when all I wanted to buy were scarves.  I had 32 at one point.

Studs or dangly earrings? Studs when I actually wear earrings.

Necklaces or bracelets? I love both, but necklaces just edge out the bracelets. I have everything from the dainty Tiffany and Co necklaces, to huge oversized J.Crew statement necklaces, and everything in between.

Heels or flats? If I could, I would live in ballet flats (specifically the CeCe J.Crew flat).

Cowboy boots or riding boots? Riding boots 100%.

Jacket or hoodie? Jackets.  Hoodies remind me way too much of my horrible grade 9 days, when all I wore were hoodies and sweatpants, no makeup and my hair in a haphazard pony, with glasses and braces.  I’ll never go back, and you can’t make me.

Tory Burch or Kate Spade? Kate Spade all the way.  Probably because there is only one very tiny Tory Burch in Toronto, and there’s a Kate Spade down the street from my school.

Saks 5th or Nordstrom? Neither, since they are not in Canada yet.  But Nordstrom opens its first doors next year! So my vote will The Hudson’s Bay Company.

Curly or straight? I have naturally curly hair, but I’ve always preferred the sleek, straight look that accompanies hours of hair products, blow-dryers and paddle brushes, and flatirons.  Especially now that my hair is short, I look like I have a white-girl afro when it goes curly.

Bun or ponytail? Buns!

Bobby pins or butterfly clips? I have a few hundred bobby pins in a tin beside my dresser, and I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t use them.

Hair spray or gel? Hair spray

Long or short? I prefer to have long hair, but back to my above point, my hair is hard to deal with.  So right now I’m really enjoying the short, and the fact it takes less than 10 minutes to straighten it.

Light or dark? Light! After my auburn fiasco, I don’t think I’m going dark anytime soon (cue, probably never again).

Side sweep bangs or full bangs? I loved having full bangs (I’ve done it a few times), but with the curl in my hair, it just doesn’t work.  Not unless I want to carry a straightening iron around with me.

Up or down? I like to pull the top of my hair back, so somewhere in the middle.

Rain or shine? I really love the rain!  The smell after it rains is so exhilarating.

Summer or Winter? Winter! The summer and I have never been friends, whether it’s heat stroke, heat exhaustion, sunburns, or sweat dripping off my back, there is almost nothing about summer that I like.

Fall or Spring? I love the colours in fall, and the fact that I can haul my favourite boots and sweaters out again.  But spring is great in the sense that classes are ending, and I can lay in the backyard reading with temperatures right around 15 degrees (which is perfect for me). So it’s a tie!  

East coast or West coast? As if.  I’m a northern girl all the way!

Until next time,

Happy shopping,

xoxo K

quote by: Oscar Wilde